To say that 2020 is a bad year for business is a major understatement. With the Covid-19 pandemic killing close to 3 million people to date, and economies of every country in the world slowing down thus forcing many businesses to suspend operations or shut down completely, last year was an undeniably a terrible year. With one quarter of 2021 behind us, how should we approach the rest of this year so that we can move our economy and our businesses forward?

We at ARISE-Philippines is pushing forward with our campaign to re-energize the private sector this 2021. With the full support of our members, our network will be aggressively pursuing our commitments through our work themes and priority areas.

Work Themes

Disaster Risk Management Strategies

With our partners from the national government and local government units, we are pursuing a number of initiatives to integrate disaster risk management strategies across various communities in the country.

Education and Training

To bring more stakeholders into our resilience building efforts, we are amplifying our efforts to educate communities about disaster risks and helping them build their capabilities through trainings and workshops on disaster risk reduction and management.

Urban Risk Resilience

Together with the stakeholders of our urban communities, we are working with city governments to strengthen the resilience of peoples and business in urban areas specially the vulnerable sectors.

Priority Areas

Small and Medium Businesses

Given that more than 90% of businesses in the country fall under the small and medium category, our network is embarking on a series of programs designed to help small and medium businesses recover from the impact of the pandemic and protect their operations against future disasters.

Investors and Investments

We are working with various financial institutions and disaster management experts to put together a comprehensive plan that will encourage more investments in the disaster resilience space.


As one of the proven strategies to manage disaster risks, insurance and re-insurance are key interventions that the network is supporting. The goal is to allow more stakeholders, including small and medium businesses and the vulnerable sector, access to risk transfer instruments that can allow them to bounce forward better after a disaster.

Resilient Infrastructures

To ensure continuity of basic services and as a strategy for ensuring reduced disruption of business operations, we are working with several organizations to drive the development of resilient infrastructures.

On top of our work themes and priority areas, we will also be engaging in a continuing consultation with various public and private sector stakeholders to understand better their current issues and concerns. Consolidating these discussions, we hope to come up with a blue print for action that our members can incorporate into the respective activities so that we can expand our reach and make a difference among more individuals and groups.

Send us a note to know more about our activities to re-energize the private sector in the Philippines.

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