Members of ARISE-Philippines realize the importance of disaster risk reduction in achieving sustainability and resilience. They are committed to helping achieve the goals of the Sendai Framework knowing that by doing so, they are also helping protect their organizations.

Members also recognize that businesses can only thrive when the communities are protected from the impact of disasters. Hence, aside from the benefit to their organizations, members participate in ARISE-Philippines programs and interventions because they see the value in building the disaster resilience of communities.

Below are some of the expectations of ARISE-Philippines members.

  1. Members are expected to follow the guiding principles of ARISE-Philippines, especially in developing and implementing programs for the network.
  2. Members are expected to attend the Annual General Membership Meeting (AGM). Scheduled twice a year, the AGM is the official venue for ARISE-Philippines to communicate overall directions to the general membership and status of major initiatives. It is also a forum where members can interact with one another and share insights and learnings.
  3. Every member of the network must join any of the work themes and priority areas. They are free to choose more than one work theme or priority areas, or even join all.
  4. As part of a work theme or a priority area, members are encouraged to contribute, in their own way, to the goals and targets of the respective work theme or priority area. Contribution can take various forms including cash or in-kind donations, manpower support, technology sharing, logistics and transportation assistance, etc.
  5. Members are expected to document their own contributions to the work themes and priority areas and submit the same to secretariat for consolidation at least quarterly.
  6. Whenever possible, members are encouraged to participate in forums, webinars, meetings and other activities organized by ARISE-Philippines or any of its members. Likewise, members who intend to organize forums, webinars, meetings related to disaster risk reduction and resilience are encouraged to invite fellow members of the network to attend and participate.
  7. Whenever possible, members are encouraged to communicate their programs and activities to the general public as a way of raising awareness on disaster risks and inviting support for disaster risk reduction projects.
  8. Every member is highly encouraged to adopt programs and policies on disaster risk reduction that contribute to building stronger resilience, whether developed by the network or by another entity.
  9. Members are encouraged to inform the network, through the secretariat, of its programs and activities related to the goals and objectives of ARISE-Philippines so that the same can be communicated to the rest of the organization.