ARISE Commitments


In keeping with our mission of creating risk-resilient societies by energising the private sector in collaboration with the public sector and other stakeholders to achieve the outcome and goal of the Sendai Framework in a transparent and inclusive way that delivers local and measurable impact, ARISE-Philippines aspires to live up to its commitments in all of our undertakings:

Raise Awareness

While there are many organizations locally and internationally working at building disaster resilience in communities, there is still much work to be done.

Many are still not fully convinced that disaster risk reduction and resilience are more critical than disaster response.

In some communities, the concept of disaster resilience is still a vague concept. Even in the private sector, there are groups who have yet to fully comprehend the need for long term disaster resilience interventions to protect their viability.

ARISE-Philippines is thus committed to raising awareness of disaster risks and effective disaster risk management practices so that more people and communities can become better able to bounce forward in the event of disasters.

Share Knowledge

Drawing from the expertise and experiences of our members, we have a wealth of knowledge and information that can be very useful for changing behaviour and driving better implementation of effective disaster risk management interventions.

At every opportunity to engage with community stakeholders, we share these knowledge and expertise so that more people and businesses can fine tune their approach and achieve better disasters risk reduction results.

ARISE-Philippines also draws from the rich data we are able to generate from our members to develop policy recommendations on disaster risk reduction and resilience. With data driven disaster management policies and programs, we can look forward to better results that benefits all of us.


Just by the mere number of private sector organizations in the country, we can outrightly say that the private sector is in a strong position to influence policy and action that can bring about better disaster risk governance.

While the government has come up with a number of great disaster management policies and programs, there is still much opportunities for improvement. And if the private sector can come together and push for better, more inclusive policies and programs, we can see more wins in terms of achieving our disaster risk reduction goals.

ARISE-Philippines is in constant dialogue with different groups both in the public and private sector, to surface innovation and best practices in disaster management, including sustainable and inclusive programs for disaster risk reduction. Through these conversations, we hope to share meaningful experiences and insights from our members and in the process, influence positive change in the way we, as a society, build disaster resilience.


Sometimes, even the best ideas and recommendations do not move forward because no one takes on the necessary next step to push them into becoming concrete policies and programs.

With the collective resources of the private sector, we can become powerful agents of change especially in the area of disaster risk reduction.

ARISE-Philippines is open to innovations and recommendations for better disaster risk management and is even willing to take the necessary next steps to make them into concrete programs and policies. We as an organization, is constantly challenge to spark improvements for better disaster resilience programming in our communities and in our businesses.


The private sector can be a powerful implementing force for disaster risk reduction polices and programs.

We are present in every town and city in the Philippines. And as employers, we can effectively recruit personnel to help turn plans into concrete actions.

Understandably, some have more resources than others. But this is precisely the point of working together - all of us sharing in the work, contributing whatever we can to achieve the goals, and together, reaping the benefits of a truly sustainable, inclusive and resilient Philippines.

ARISE-Philippines, as we continue to expand and grow, is committed to helping strengthen the disaster resilience of our communities by working with partners and collaborators to implement disaster risk reduction programs and policies.