Why should my organization become a member of ARISE-Philippines? The simple answer — your organization gets to benefit from the expertise and resources of the whole network in developing your organizations’ resilience, at the same time, you generate goodwill with the communities where you operate from the disaster risk reduction programs and interventions you will support and help implement.

Looking at the big picture, the success of ARISE-Philippines in terms of helping achieve the goals of the Sendai Framework, will positively impact every stakeholder in the country. The reduction in mortality, affected people, economic loss and damage to infrastructures will directly benefit communities including every private sector organization.

More concretely, effective disaster risk reduction policies and programs will reduce business disruptions from disasters. Less disruptions mean continuity of revenue.

On top of these, private organizations who become members of ARISE-Philippines get to benefit in the following ways.

  1. Access to knowledge resources from local and International members on proven effective disaster risk management strategies.
  2. Access to training, workshops and other capability building activities centered on helping businesses become more disaster resilient.
  3. Opportunity to network and solicit support from other members of the network for your own projects and programs on disaster risk reduction and resilience.
  4. Opportunity to voice out your concerns and issues relative to disaster risk reduction to help improve or influence government policies and programs.

As a member of ARISE-Philippines, your organization gets to also strengthen your reputation as a committed corporate social citizen who actively contributes and support global, national and local efforts to build a sustainable, inclusive and resilient future.