DRMS Knowledge Series

Leading the charge on Disaster Risk Management Strategies (DRMS), the National Resilience Council together with the secretariat of ARISE-Philippines organized the DRMS Knowledge Series, three part webinar designed to help participants gain in-depth understanding of the back concepts of risk and resilience.

The first part, Unpacking Hazard, Exposure, Vulnerability, and Capacity (HEVC), was held last July 28. The session centered on explaining HEVC and discussing them within the risk conceptual framework.

The second session, DRM Strategies,  Tools and Methods focused on outlining the different resources (strategies, plans and tools) that can help groups development and implement programs that can enhance business resilience.

Finally, the last session held last August 12, Integrating Risk and Resilience in Business Operations and Reporting, presented how risk reduction and resilience can be integrated into the core business cycle and the critical need for including resilience in reports and disclosures

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