The Top Leaders Forum

The annual Top Leaders Forum (TLF)  was initially organized  in 2012 by  SM Prime Holdings Inc. to gather the  Philippines’ top leaders  in the private sector and public sectors  to address issues in disaster risk reduction and management.

From then on TLF had evolved from a gathering of private and public sector leaders to being the highlight of ARISE – Philippines’ initiatives. The TLF presents different themes every year to match the most pressing of issues related to disaster risk resilience. CEOs and top Executives from the business industry, together with local, national governments, and civil society heads share knowledge and best practices as well as enter into DRR discourse. The first of its kind in the Philippines, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and the regional ARISE network continue to support this ground breaking event. Distinguished guests and speakers include the UN Special Representative to the Secretary General on Disaster Risk Reduction; Heads of International Organizations based in the Philippines;  Government leaders from the Philippine Senate and Congress;  Heads of various departments and agencies of the Philippine government; Local Government Officials from Governor to mayors; CEOs / Presidents and top executives of private corporations and institutions.

The TLF Themes through the years:

2019     From Risk to Resilience: Forging Pathways and Milestones

2018     Changing the Game: Building a Culture of Resilience through Public-Private Partnership

2017     Towards a Resilient Philippines

2016     Investing in Resilience: Leveraging Science for Sustainable Development

2015     ARISE – Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies, Philippine Launch

2014     Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration for Disaster Risk Reduction

2013     Incentives for Resilient Investments

2012     Building an Asian Private Partnership to Make Corporations Safer against Disasters


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