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ARISE-Philippines is currently comprised of more than 150 member companies and institutions from the private sector. The members represent diverse industries such as retail, banking and finance, real estate rental and leasing, construction, hospitality and tourism, media, mining, consultancy and management services, educational services, security and janitorial management, logistics, power supply, manpower, insurance, health care, manufacturing, entertainment and recreation, foundations, trading among others.


ARISE Networks including the ARISE Philippines Network, are open to all private sector companies, including large listed multinationals to SMEs, as well as business associations and networks and private sector foundations.

Aligned with UN Global Compact rules to ensure ARISE policies and practices safeguard the integrity and reputation of the United Nations and the values it upholds, private sector entities that meet the following exclusionary criteria cannot be recognized as members of ARISE:

  • Subject to a UN sanction
  • Listed on the UN Ineligible Vendors List for ethical reasons
  • Derive revenue from controversial weapons, including the production, sale and/or transfer of antipersonnel landmines or cluster bombs
  • Derive revenue from the production and/or manufacturing of tobacco

The foregoing prohibition shall also apply to a company, any subsidiary or affiliate of which also falls under the foregoing exclusionary criteria.

A company's commitment to join ARISE applies not only to its headquarters but also to all subsidiaries and country offices. In addition to the parent company’s commitment, subsidiaries can, but are not required to, become ARISE signatories alongside their parent company. Subsidiaries of non-participating parent companies can also decide to participate individually. Parent companies and subsidiaries are strongly encouraged to actively participate in our activities at the global and local level, including through ARISE Networks.

ARISE-Philippines members are admitted based on a successful application process.


All ARISE – Philippines Prospective Members are subject to screening prior to joining ARISE through a due diligence process undertaken by UNDRR in accordance with the rules and regulations of the United Nations and upon submission of the Membership Application Form in the format attached hereto. Upon clearance by UNDRR, final admission is decided upon by the leadership of the ARISE-Philippines and decision announced within one month from such decision.

Prospective Members must be able to submit the following:

  • Duly-Filled Out Membership Form
  • Signed Statement of Commitment
  • Proof of Business i.e. SEC Registration, DTI Registration, Business Permit, etc.

Documents must be submitted to ARISE-Philippines Secretariat at email address:  [email protected] or via courier/mail service to:

ARISE-Philippines Secretariat
11F MAAX Bldg.
Coral Way cor. JW Diokno Blvd.
Pasay City

To Download Membership Form click link: Membership form and  Statement of Commitment Form

Members are encouraged to participate in all of ARISE-Philippines activities. Attendance in the Annual General Membership Meeting is mandatory.


  1. Membership fees will not be charged. However, members are encouraged to provide in-kind or financial support to specific activities or events of ARISE-Philippines.
  1. ARISE-Philippines is governed by and shall abide by the ARISE Global Policies on funding and membership fees.
  1. Financial contribution by its members to ARISE-Philippines shall be:

a. Fully-disclosed and made from a vetted ARISE member;

b. Focused solely on the implementation of agreed activities aligned with these TOR;

c. Such contributions are the sole responsibility of and must be managed by the ARISE-Philippines Network Lead or Treasurer;

d. UNDRR will not be held liable for any financial transaction realized by members of ARISE – Philippines, nor be held liable for any damage, financially or structurally, which may occur in the process of any activities implemented by ARISE – Philippines Board.

  1. ARISE-Philippines Board or Network members will not receive remuneration for their services and are expected to secure their own resources to support their engagement in the formal ARISE meetings.

The use of UNDRR’s name, structures or logo for any such financial transaction is not permitted. The use of the ARISE logo for fundraising activities is only permitted with UNDRR prior written consent. Members of ARISE Networks are not allowed to use their affiliation to UNDRR (including through the use of UNDRR or ARISE logos) to make personal, private or public business and benefits.


ARISE-Philippines is prohibited to engage with any external organization under the UNDRR name or use the UNDRR logo unless specially authorized by written notice from the Chief of the respective UNDRR Regional Office. ARISE-Philippines can use the ARISE name and logo for its activities, except for fundraising activities, which shall also require UNDRR consent. Information provided to or resulting from ARISE-Philippines’ actions or activities may contain UNDRR confidential, proprietary, privileged and/or private information intended for ARISE use. If labeled as such, this information remains the propriety property of UNDRR. The dissemination, distribution, or otherwise conveyance to any non-ARISE third parties without the express written permission of UNDRR is prohibited.